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REACT072: Various Artists : Midem 96 Sampler

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Kitachi : Scratch

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Various Artists
"Artcore 4 - Drum & Bass Beat Technology"

Artcore™ Drum & Bass Beat Technology
Artcore moves to a fourth dimension following the progress of the Drum And Bass genre. Keeping an ever-open eye on all aspects of this diverse musical style, Artcore selects the cream of contemporary Drum And Bass. This volume focuses on a fresh wave of beat technology where state of the art drum programming is at the forefront of a more minimal sound, leaving your speakers plenty of space to breath. A recurring techno theme ranging from raw analogue to a more polished Detroit sound features as one of the newer flavas of this Drum And Bass collective.

Disc 1:
Track 1-1: (Copyright Control)
Produced at Endemic Studios.
p&© The Echo Label Ltd.
Track 1-2: (Edition Klangwart / Alster Musik Verlag)
p&© Compost
Track 1-3: (Sub 13 Music / Westbury Music)
p&© Vibez Recordings
Track 1-4: (Stage 1000)
p&© Bear Necessities
Track 1-5: (Stage 1000)
p&© Formation
Track 1-6:(Full Circle Music / Bucks Music Ltd)
p&© 1997 Full Circle Records Ltd
Track 1-7: (Copyright Control)
p&© 1997 EMI Records Ltd licensed courtesy of EMI Special Markets
Track 1-8: (Hakipa)
p&© Hardleaders
Track 1-9: (Mute Song)
p&© Prototype
Track 1-10: (Westbury Music)
p&© State Of The Art
Disc 2:
Track 2-1: (Stage 1000)
Produced at Studio Drum
p&© Narcotix Inc
Track 2-2: (Oakden Music)
p&© Ram Records
Track 2-3: (Stage 1000)
Track 2-4: (EMI Virgin Music Ltd)
p&© 1997 XL Recordings
Track 2-5: (Stage 1000)
p&© Genetic Stress
Track 2-6: (M Iration / D Rootical)
p&© 1997 Dope On Plastic Records / React Music Ltd
Track 2-7: (Stage 1000)
p&© CIA Records
Track 2-8: (Beechwood Music)
p&© Way Out Records
Track 2-9: (Copyright Control)
Produced for Klute Productions
p&© 1997 N-Tone licensed courtesy of Ninja Tune.
Track 2-10: (Warner Chappell)
p&© 1997 Edel UK Records Ltd
p&© 1997 React Music Ltd. Distributed by Vital in UK / Daileachan Gael-Linn in Eirinn. Made in England.
Incidental info:
Track 1-8 Mis-spelled as "Vapour Rub"
Track 2-1 Printed as "Dilemma - Spring Box (Martix VIP Rmx)"

1. Justice & Tertius - Essential 4 Life
2. A Forest Mighty Black - Tides [Peshay & Flytronix Remix]
3. Subject 13 - Mystical Flyte
4. Smoke Screen - Nu Breeze
5. Matrix - Fluid Motion
6. DJ Krust - Soul In Motion
7. Boymerang - Mind Control
8. Decoder - Vapour Dub
9. Optical - Cryogenesis
10. State Logik - Technologik
11. Matrix And Dilemma - Spring Box [Vocal Mix]
12. Shimon And Andy C - Genetix
13. Digital And Spirit - Shockwave [VIP Mix]
14. Jonny L - Piper
15. Future Passed - Searching For A Beat
16. Kitachi - Spirit [Roni Size Remix]
17. Q Project And Spinback - Led [VIP Mix]
18. Blu Mar Ten - The Fountain
19. Override - PAC 3
20. Chicane - Sunstroke [Mission Control Remix]